April 15, 2019

It's no longer an unknown secret that land in Melbourne is becoming scarce and in turn more and more expensive. A booming population, an undersupply of housing in our state, council red tape and a decrease in building approvals combine and add pressure to an overall increase in the long term to higher land costs. This is great news for those of you who have been sitting pretty on land in the Melbourne suburbs that has only appreciated over the years you have owned it.

The days of buying a house with a large backyard are behind most first-time and second-time home buyers who are trending towards townhouses closer to amenities as a result of no longer being able to afford that old dream of a house with a big backyard close to Melbourne CBD. However, for those who have land already this provides a real opportunity to capitalise on your land and secure your financial future.

You do not need to take my word for it, director of AD Partners and creator of Building lifestyle – Your own virtual CFO and author of Build It and The Money Will Come, Mr Tony Dimitriadis tells, "It would be surprising if you haven't noticed this by simply driving in your local area or even knowing of someone who has actually done it. These projects aren't just the work of big-time property developers. It's just a matter of seeing the potential, understanding the process and getting the right advice."

There has been no better time to capitalise on your back or side yard and build a townhouse or two that you can sell at a profit or rent out to help service a life you so thoroughly deserve. Whilst most people will be overwhelmed with sub-diving their land and watching a construction commence on their once backyard for many people this is a great way to reduce your gardening and put some real money in the bank to enjoy.

There are of course many steps involved in such an undertaking including concept designs, town planning approval, building permits, selecting the right builder among other aspects. However, it need not to be, we at Milara Building and development we are experts in exactly this type of project. We have a dedicated team focused on achieving a sustainable development which will provide real financial certainty whilst ensuring your needs and requirements are considered and addressed. Working with council and not against council we have a proven track record of getting these sorts of ideas and projects out of the ground and into reality. We can hold your hand throughout the entire process, explaining all the required steps with the mission of capitalising on your land and securing the financial certainty of your dreams.

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